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Harder than getting to the top is to keep the lead. FIFA left the competition behind a few years ago and is now its biggest dispute himself. In the limit of what the current generation of consoles can do, each new game in the series brings news enough for those who invest without fear is a fan , but it is still difficult to support the model of annual updates .

FIFA 14 has convinced us for a few reasons . The main thing is that the experience of playing still amazing, and it’s not limited to just playing with friends or online tournaments . From the time you press Start until hours later , everything is extremely pleasant . It is hard not to draw a parallel with the competitor PES 2014 and its terrible menus . FIFA 14 gives a show of design , intuitive, innovative and very beautiful .

If the experience off the field is excellent , inside still great as always . The best news is that the ball is no longer stuck in the feet of the players . It may seem cliché marketing , but this time it actually works as promised . Coupled with the new game system body , implementations gameplay make matches fairer and unpredictable .

There are those who criticize the FIFA graphics engine is starting to tire . We agree that some years ago the visuals of the games are almost identical , but we can not imagine a jump graphic as large as the expectation of those who do not understand that there are limits visual changes rather than a good gaming experience with fifa 14 hack

It is pleasurable to play FIFA 14 . The ball touches are accurate , the shots on goal were even more enjoyable and rewarding for being somewhat closer to the real world and the quality of all the game modes impresses .

Be up divisions in Season online or training in skill tests , you will be well served by arrangements for FIFA 14 . The star , as it should be , is the Ultimate Team. This option , one of the most profitable micro - transaction models for consoles , became the main attraction of FIFA and each year gets better . This time the system of interlocking , which ensures that your team play better even with weaker players , gained reinforcements that add more consistency choices . No more connection between players and tactic , a relief for those who take days assembling a team and then needed to change the tactical scheme .

The only game mode that left us a bit disappointed is the Career . The novelty is the Global Transfer , which looks amazing on paper , but it is just a refined system of scouts that facilitate the task of searching for new talent . Moreover , this new system hinders the old way of hiring players known . If there is a point where FIFA can evolve , is this modality.

Despite being very similar to previous versions for those who are not so fond , FIFA 14 has enough news for those who are passionate about virtual football . Remains an extremely enjoyable experience - with a soundtrack again amazing - for all types of players.